Four Benefits of Looking your Best

Mark Twain once quoted that the “Clothes make the man”. Well, it’s a proven fact that presentable people maximize their ‘potential’ both professionally and personally, and various studies have validated this fact.

#1: Expansion of your Network

Not only will you be able to make more money by being as attractive you are but you will be able to attract influential and interesting people into your network. And that says a lot! What this will also do for you is open new avenues in your life that a normal person wouldn’t think of.

#2: Increases Self-Confidence

Everyone likes a confident person, and since clothes add oodles of confidence to a person, there’s should be no doubt that presenting yourself in the most attractive manner will benefit you financially because there are people involved. People who aren’t that presentable will look up to you because they will buy into the ‘image’ that you present.

#3: Influences an increase in income

Not only will being able to being able to carry yourself with poise, dignity and character help you land a better salary but also get a better interview while also being more persuasive at meetings and so on and so forth. In fact, if you are presentable, you’ll end with a salary (and a job in the day and age) that is higher than your peers if you are able are a bit more than just “presentable”.

#4: A Better Impression with Women

Last but not the least, you can be sure that clothes that fit you, unkempt hair and bad breath won’t get you anywhere with the ladies!

Three Habits to Avoid That Will Improve Your Appearance

How you take care of yourself plays a large part in how you look. These habits that you generate pertain to the areas of grooming, diet and exercise, and can make a big difference even if you are not endowed with good looks from birth.

So here are a few habits that you can avoid and that will improve your appearance almost immediately:

#1: Smoking

If you don’t know this already, cigarettes have 51 chemicals that are well-recognized carcinogens, and are anything but good for you. Not only do these free radicals formed in your body damage tissue and your DNA but they will lead to pale skin with deep lines. So consider quitting smoking for good as this will improve your appearance greatly.

#2: Drinking every day

Having more than a few beers every day can result in not only adding a beer gut but also it also has a dehydrating effect on your body. When you drink way too much, this will leave you exhausted and looking haggard while also causing skin discoloration.

#3: Eating Processed Foods

Firstly, they aren’t good for you for the very reason that they add a substantial number of calories to your diet. What this will lead to is you putting on a few more pounds even if you work out regularly. If that’s not enough – some people experience allergies when it comes to processed products. As a rule, remember to avoid white-colored processed foods that contain sugar, margarine or flour. Try raw veggies in hummus dip, fresh fruit or even nuts instead.

Three Tips to get that “physically attractive” body

Apart from the reasons of building strength and flexibility and losing weight, one of the biggest reasons why people exercise is because of the symmetrical and lean look that men desire. Yes, we all want attention from the opposite sex, and here are some tips that can help you do so:

#1: Work towards the X-Shaped Physique

Broad shoulders, a narrow waist and well-developed calves are what define the “X-shaped Physique”. When you work towards this body structure, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the ultimate male physique.

#2: Mix your workouts

There are several reasons why mixing your workouts can work to your advantage but the best of them all is the ability to lose weight quicker than usual. Of course, you can’t change your routine every day. Instead, it is important to use various training methods when planning a workout routine.

#3: Increase your testosterone levels

One reason why men tend to accumulate more fat is due to the fact that cortisol (as opposed to estrogen) tends to encourage fat storage. This is one of the biggest reasons why men cannot lose weight in the abdominal and “love-handles” parts of their body.

The key to this is increase to levels of testosterone which in turn, effects insulin management, and this can be done by combining an excellent diet with supplements such as fish oil, a bit of cinnamon and apple-cider vinegar. Being intelligent about this will help you shed weight much faster than usual.