The pros and cons of buying a new vs. used RV

Summary: There is no clear winner when it comes to buying a new RV either used or new, just different trade-offs.

Are you considering buying a new camper? The argument about buying new versus used has both its ups and downs. Unlike buying a new car, even new campers come with their share of problems. Here is a look at the pros and cons of both approaches:



  • A used RV will be less expensive. The price difference might justify the costs you will need to incur on small repairs and replacements.
  • The issues and kinks have been worked out by the previous owners.
  • If the RV is your home then sending it away to the dealer for repairs for long periods of time can be problematic, so in this case not having a warranty is a good thing.


  • The primary drawback is the lack of warranty, although you can sign up for a post-warranty maintenance However, this only applies to those who don’t maintain the RV themselves.
  • Another issue is that there might be problems that the previous owner did not disclose at the point of sale.
  • There will also be some initial costs for replacements. Items like mattresses, cushions, and upholstery might need replacement based on wear and tear.



  • It’s new, and everything has a fresh duty cycle.
  • You will control the history and upkeep of the RV.


  • A new RV does not necessarily mean that it will not have problems. There are kinks in all RV’s that you will need to work out.
  • The usefulness of the warranty will depend on the dealer and the amount of coverage you get.

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Items Every Man Should Own

Being a man is more than just watching sports, grilling, and drinking beer. Men are the hunters and gatherers of our society. They are the able-bodied laborers who build things, fix things, and design the blueprints of our cities. According to Dev Ranhawa, as the pioneers of our species, there are certain items that every man should own whether he thinks he’ll need them or not.

  1. A Passport

A passport is an essential item if you plan on traveling. Even if you never leave the country, it can still be used as a valid form of photo identification for most government agencies.

  1. A Multipurpose Tool

Whether you need to cut a rope or tighten a screw, a multipurpose tool is a life-saving essential item that every man should own.

  1. Work Gloves

Even if you’re a leader in the business world who owns a closet full of 3-piece suits, you will undoubtedly engage in some chore or hobby that requires a pair of heavy-duty work gloves. Buy a pair.

  1. Hiking Boots

Sometimes a man just needs to get out into nature and explore. Always keep a pair of hiking boots in your closet just in case you need an impromptu escape into the great outdoors.

  1. A Car Jack

If you own a car, rest assured it’s going to break down on you at some point. You should always have a car jack stashed safely in the trunk of your car along with other tools necessary to service your vehicle should it encounter mechanical issues.

  1. A Lantern

Electricity is a fine thing, but during a storm or a natural disaster, electricity can become a scarce thing. Always keep an oil or battery-powered lantern in your home in case of an emergency.