The Main Benefits of Running

Running is a healthy exercise that does more for your body than you might believe.

benefits-of-runningIf you are an avid runner, then you’re already aware of the physical and mental benefits that running can add to your life. It’s not just an activity or an exercise, it’s a healthy way of life. Now, there are numerous benefits to running, here are some of the most notable ones that will help change your life for the better.

Strengthens the Lungs

One of the most known benefits of running is that it helps strengthen the lungs. This allows you build up more stamina, and also allow you to take on more strenuous activities without losing your breath so often. The reason being is that you’re continuously pressuring your lungs to essentially perform its own workout routine. By doing this routinely, your lungs will gradually strengthen and allow you to pull more oxygen in, therefore increasing your overall stamina.

Prevent Heart Disease

While running, your arteries naturally expand and contract, which helps keep them fit. In turn, this will also help keep your blood pressure within normal limits and help fight off heart disease. Additionally, running regularly will also help guild up your immune system, which will result in fewer minor illnesses.

Weight Loss

For all the individuals that are looking to lose weight, you won’t find a much better workout routine than some good ole fashioned laps. Running helps burn calories, which play a large role in someone losing weight. If you are looking to start a diet, partner it up with a couple miles here and there. You’ll see a noticeable change if you manage to keep up with your routine.

Nick Diruscio is a professional fitness trainer that has spent years helping his clients lose weight and gain muscle mass to meet their personal goals.

In Soccer, the Clothes Make the Man

By Soccer Garage

You have heard the expression that the clothes make the man. Generally, this means you should wear the clothes that match the person you want to be, whether that’s a CEO or an auto mechanic. However, the same goes for when you take the pitch too. if you look like a winner, you’ll feel like a winner and then play like a winner.

So, for example, if you have the right soccer shoes on your feet, you’re going to expect more from them, whether this means running down the pitch at lightning speeds or planting hard to launch the ball as hard as you can. But this obvious example is just one of many.

Even players who have the right soccer bags may feel like they’re more deserving of incredible play that day. It sets the stage that they’re as good as the professionals and should thus play that way.

However, you have to do more than just buy the right gear. You have to take care of it too. Clean it regularly and maintain your spikes to ensure you never feel like a second-rate hero when your feet hit grass or the ball, for that matter.


When you want to do your best on the pitch, you better bring the right equipment with you—sadly, natural talent and ability just aren’t enough. Fortunately, Soccer Garage is around to offer you high-quality items like Diadora soccershoes and just about every form of equipment you could ever need.

A few thoughts US National Football Team

Written by Soccer Garage

Let’s face it, football or soccer is not as big in the United States as it is in the rest of the world. However, the world’s biggest sport has made strides and considerable progress in the United States primarily due to the efforts and success of the National Team. Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey, and the rest of the guys have done this nation a great service by bringing pride and honor through their superhuman efforts. And we’re not just talking about a boost in sales of soccer supplies and Indoor soccer gear, we’re talking about actual and significant interest in soccer now among Americans who haven’t really paid attention to this sport. And as far as football fans are concerned, that’s more than one could ever ask for from their national team. That’s the best and greatest gift that our national team has given us. Hope as well as interest in our country’s football. To be honest, our team is good. You can ask anyone who has seen the United States National Team play in any game during the World Cup. Their defense is tenacious, and their players are scrappy as they played with a whole lot of heart. You can say then, that Clint Dempsey is the personification of United States Football. It can proudly call itself as a team that belongs with the elite, but it’s not asking for so much attention. It lets its performance speak for itself. Try watching a few of their games, you’ll definitely be impressed with them.


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Treat Yourself With Some Soccer Stuff

Written By: Soccer Garage

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Basic Soccer Equipment Requirements

Written by: Soccer Garage

FIFA has strict requirements of what players can wear on the field. Every other soccer league follows rules that are similar too. Some of these rules, like the lack of jewelry, are for the protection of players. Others are done to keep clubs easily identifiable. Beyond the basics, FIFA and other leagues do allow players to wear more than just trunks and soccer jerseys. Read on for the basic requirements every soccer player needs before stepping out onto the pitch.

Goal Keepers

Goalies are the only players on the field that have different soccer equipment than the other players. Their kits are generally different colors from the player kits, which helps referee’s tell them apart when the action moves to the goal line. They are required to wear shin guards like most players on the pitch, but they also get gloves to protect their hands from the ball. Goalies also carry a water bottle with them onto the field, which is usually stored near or on the goal net during play.


Referees have specific kits that set them apart from everyone else on the field. They are usually in bright yellow or green colors, but white is also common. They carry a whistle, and different colored cards they use to dish out punishment to players on the field. A referee wears cleats, and may opt to wear shin guards but is not required to. Side line referees also carry checkered flags, which they use in different formations to signal an offsides call or penalty.


Basic soccer uniforms consist of a pair of shorts and a shirt, which is usually collared. The kit is colored to the team, and often alternates colors depending on the home or away kit. Smaller leagues, like kid’s leagues, may only feature one kind of kit to save costs for the parents. Players can add things like wrist or head bands to help with sweat, but they are not allowed to wear any jewelry on the field for their protection. FIFA also allows its players, especially younger ones, to wear sunglasses onto the pitch as long as they are secured tightly to the face and head.

Other Rules

There are some interesting rules related to kits on the field too. For example, if a player loses his shoe in the same instant he scores a goal, that goal would stand. But the player must be wearing shoes at all time and may receive a penalty if he is caught without them in other circumstances. All equipment must be inspected by an official to make sure it does not create a danger to other players on the field, and that it does not give a team an unfair advantage.

How to Purchase the Right Men’s Basketball Shoes

Written by: Sports Spot

Playing basketball in regular sneakers might save you money, but it does little for your feet and the game. Whether you’re a professional player or simply shoot hoops with your friends a few times a month, it’s important to wear the right shoes when playing the sport of basketball. The right basketball shoes will protect your feet and maximize your performance on the court.

So how do you shop for basketball shoes? Keep it simple by going with the shoe that is the most comfortable. To ensure that your shoes can keep up with the game without hurting your body, here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for basketball shoes.

Purchase shoes designed for the game of basketball. While this might seem obvious, it’s not. Many people end up buying regular sneakers such as Onitsuka Tiger by Asics without realizing that they are not designed for basketball. Basketball shoes have special features for the game. For example, the shoes need traction so that you can run back and forth on the court without slipping or falling. Basketball shoes are also designed to be lightweight and flexible. Finally, many basketball shoes have a padded ankle collar designed to support your ankle during the quick movements of the game. photo men_baseball_Shoe_zps1jx9myso.jpgSo which shoes are designed for basketball? Some of the best basketball shoes include Nike Air Force 1 Low, Adidas Rose 4.0, Jordan Flight Origin, Jordan Prime Flight, Nike Air Max LeBron X Low, and the Nike Hyperdunk 2013.

Know your size.  It’s important to right the right size shoe in order to achieve the best results. Purchasing the right size also avoids injury to your feet. Before you buy the shoe, read about whether the shoes run small or large. You also want to check whether it is narrow or wide. If the description of the shoe is “true to size,” then you know you can purchase your regular shoe size.

Shop online to save money. Once you’ve found your favorite shoe and the right size, consider buying the same product online to save money. You can find great deals on the web that will save you up to 60 percent off regular store prices.

Avoid abuse. It’s important to change your basketball shoes regularly. How often? It depends on how often you wear the shoes for the game. However, a good rule of thumb is to buy a new pair as soon as you notice that it’s not providing the same support that it once was. If you notice that the traction is gone, it’s time to purchase a new pair. You can keep your shoes clean with Jason Markk shoe cleaner.

Consider a Used Riding Lawn Mower

Utility equipment does not have to be bought new in order for it to work efficiently.  Whether you’re considering a club car carryall or a riding lawn mower, you should think about purchasing a used one.  This blog will highlight some instructions for purchasing a refurbished riding lawn mower.

A riding lawn mower can bring a lot of convenience into your life.  No longer will you have to spend your Sunday morning forcefully pushing around a push mower in the hot sun.  Riding mowers don’t take nearly as much strain or effort to run.  Also, many riding mowers come equipped with a sun shade in order to protect you from the sun.

A brand new green mower can be very costly.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to mull over the idea of an older model.  There are many refurbished, classic mowers out there that are built to last.  There are a few important details to evaluate before purchasing a mower.

First of all, before buying a refurbished lawn mower, it’s crucial to have it inspected by a mechanic or repair man.  You should have them check out the engine and the other major parts of the vehicle.  Make sure to have any necessary repairs made prior to purchasing.  You want to find a mechanic that you trust because this can save you money and a lot of unnecessary hassle.  You should also always test drive a mower before you buy it.  You want to make sure that it runs well.

Refurbished mowers can cost significantly less than a brand new model.  You could potentially save a couple thousand dollars by choosing an older model.  It’s definitely worth it!

Caring for Your Baseball and Softball Pants and Jerseys

Baseball season means new baseball and softball jerseys for players. But unless they’ve outgrown last season’s size or changed teams, does every year really need a brand new softball or baseball jersey?

It does if you didn’t take care of the last one properly. Both baseball and softball are sports almost designed to get their players dirty. There is no lack of options to dirty your jerseys or stain your baseball or softball pants. This makes proper upkeep important not just for appearing in the next game, but in order to get the longest life possible out of the gear you spent hard-earned money on.

Immediately after the game, wash your jersey and pants off with nothing but water. That should remove much of the stains and caked on mud. Then place it in a sink or container that is full of warm water and your detergent of choice plus a cup of baking soda. Soaking it overnight is best, but it needs an hour at the very least.

When the presoaking is done, the jersey and pants are ready for the washer. Make sure it’s cold water and let the jersey and pants ride alone. Most other clothes contain cotton, which will break off in the washer and cling to the material that makes jerseys and pants.

Keep this routine throughout the season and you’ll be pleased to find your uniform holding up and ready again next year.

Soccer Referee Equipment

The players are not the only ones on the field who need to have their own assortment of specialized equipment.  Much like how reusch gloves are unique to goalkeepers, things like whistles are unique to the referees.  Here is other equipment that is uniquely used by the game referees.

As already mentioned, referees are the only ones who use whistles.  They use these whistles to communicate starting points, game infractions, and other calls.  Usually when you hear a whistle during the game, it calls for the players on the field to stop.  A referee who spots a foul in the game can blow his whistle to stop the game and award a free kick to the offended team.

Referees may not be the only ones in the game with a watch, but there is a purpose to why they wear it.  Sure it can tell time, but more importantly, it acts primarily as a stopwatch to keep the game on track.  Sometimes a referee will wear two watches in case one malfunctions or breaks.  Another reason for the second watch is for the referee to keep track of the extra time that will need to be added at the end of each half.  One watch runs continuously while the second stops for injuries, time-outs, substitutions, and infractions.

Speaking of infractions, referees are the only ones that carry flags on the field.  Each flag has a different meaning and is thrown for a different reason.  Having the responsibility of being the judge and official in the game, the referees are charged with keeping the players honest and the game clean.  These flags are thrown in the event a player or a group of players does something illegal that needs to be remedied.  A referee can flag a player with a yellow card for his infraction.  Two such instances and that player is removed from the game and the team is penalized with having one less player on the field. Serious infractions call for a red card which bypasses the yellow card system and immediately dismisses the offending player or even the manager from the game.

Of course the referee is not expected to remember every foul in the game so they are provided one more piece of soccer referee equipment that is unique to them, a game book.  In this book, the referee can write down the infractions and refer to them when needed to help him keep track of the game offenders.


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Why The Reel Style Mower Is Most Preferred For Large Areas of Grass

There are two basic types of mowers used for large areas of turf or grass, such as on a golf course or athletic field. A popular reel mower, like the Reel Master, has a cylinder of blades that rotate to push up the grass as it cuts. A rotary mower has blades that spin and horizontally to cut the grass.

The reel style is more efficient and cost effective because it uses less power, and it can simply be set up to drag behind a tractor. In fact, a reel mower will use about 50 percent less fuel per acre than a rotary style mower when both styles are going at the same speed. With a reel mower, the number of blades used (usually five or six) can affect the fuel consumption of the mower around 8 percent to 12 percent. The more blades a mower has, the lower it can mow. However, efficiency is the key when mowing a large area, along with the frequency of how much a turf sprayer is used. The number of blades and frequency of using sprayers is determined by a turf manager, or golf course superintendent.

For golf courses that have high growing, natural grass, the reel style mower is preferred for more than just its efficiency. However, both styles of mower can be towed behind a tractor for mowing rough along side the fairways. For courses that have high growing dry grass, a reel mower would be preferred.

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