The Main Benefits of Running

Running is a healthy exercise that does more for your body than you might believe.

benefits-of-runningIf you are an avid runner, then you’re already aware of the physical and mental benefits that running can add to your life. It’s not just an activity or an exercise, it’s a healthy way of life. Now, there are numerous benefits to running, here are some of the most notable ones that will help change your life for the better.

Strengthens the Lungs

One of the most known benefits of running is that it helps strengthen the lungs. This allows you build up more stamina, and also allow you to take on more strenuous activities without losing your breath so often. The reason being is that you’re continuously pressuring your lungs to essentially perform its own workout routine. By doing this routinely, your lungs will gradually strengthen and allow you to pull more oxygen in, therefore increasing your overall stamina.

Prevent Heart Disease

While running, your arteries naturally expand and contract, which helps keep them fit. In turn, this will also help keep your blood pressure within normal limits and help fight off heart disease. Additionally, running regularly will also help guild up your immune system, which will result in fewer minor illnesses.

Weight Loss

For all the individuals that are looking to lose weight, you won’t find a much better workout routine than some good ole fashioned laps. Running helps burn calories, which play a large role in someone losing weight. If you are looking to start a diet, partner it up with a couple miles here and there. You’ll see a noticeable change if you manage to keep up with your routine.

Nick Diruscio is a professional fitness trainer that has spent years helping his clients lose weight and gain muscle mass to meet their personal goals.