Even with Dead Space 3, video game sales are slowing

Way-to-PlayElectronic Arts (EA) recently released Dead Space 3 video game, a sequel to its Dead Space game. The very first Dead Space was released in 2008. Electronic Arts is the world’s second largest video game maker. Dead Space is a story about adventures of Isaac Clark, an engineer who does not talk and mainly fix things and John Carver, how they have to repair their damaged spaceship, escape from a problem causing planet, and return to earth without getting caught by Necromorphs. This horror game is filled with mystery and grander universe. The game appeals to everybody. With its optional side missions that allow resource gathering and added content makes the game more interesting.

All console games providers including Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are struggling with slow sales lately. Some say lack of new consoles is contributing to the sluggish sales of games. Only PlayStation 4 is scheduled for release later this year. Another reason is more and more gamers are flocking to Internet based mobile-based games due to advancements in smartphones and its technology. Another reason is lack of new titles. EA alone cut its yearly new games of 60 to about a dozen a year.

Want to fight an army of Trolls and Bile Bats?

BileReleased on July 30, 2012, Orcs Must Die 2 is similar to the previous Orcs Must Die but comes with much greater breadth that gives the player much better experience than the original game.  In order to play online your PC must have minimum of Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7; 2 GB Ram memory; 2 GHz Duel Core processor; 5 GB hard drive space; and Broadband Internet connection if you want to play co-op.  The developer of the game, Robot Entertainment, states that “players have a broader range of options to build a deadly arsenal of defenses.”

You can play the game alone or with friends and experience the endless waves of increasingly difficult more than 20 deadly enemies including Trolls, Earth Elementals and Bile Bats.  Players have an immense amount of space for creativity in play.  You will get a kick out of smashing up the orcs’ hordes.  Any level of the game can be played with a friend.  You need to plan and work hard when you place traps while on co-op play.  Even if you haven’t played the original game, you will have a blast with Orcs Must Die 2.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

gameThe Medal of Honor:  Warfighter is developed by Danger Close Games and published by Electronic Art.  It is the 14th sequel to the 2010 game, Medal of Honor and will be released in October 2012 in North America.  The PC version is only supports Windows Vista/7 and DirectX 10 and 11.

The game play supports Assault, Sniper, Demolition, Point Man, Heavy Gunner, and Spec Ops.  There are perks for two working as a team.  It comes with two payable characters for single player and four playable characters from the 2010 Medal of Honor.  Stump is a Recon Marine turned Navy SEAL and the Preacher is one of the main characters from the previous Medal of Honor.  Multiplayers can choose which country they want to defend.  There are 12 tier one units from ten countries.  The plot revolves around the U.S. Navy SEALs and the music is provided by the same composer who provided music for Medal of Honor in 2010.

The Jury for the game is out there.  Gamers who played the beta version on Xbox 360 weren’t all that jazzed and disappointed with the ongoing pre-release hype.  But things could change when many players get to play the game in late October.

Zynga’s new game platform, Zynga.com

zynga-comThe San Francisco, California based Zynga finally introduced its own online game platform, Zynga.com, in March 2012. Previously, Zynga has an ongoing five year agreement with Facebook to provide a platform for its games such as FarmVille. The agreement between Facebook and Zynga provide mutual financial benefits to both companies and Facebook recently admitted that the agreement with Zynga generates 12 percent of its revenue.

Zynga.com also allows other rival game developers to feature on Zynga platform for an undisclosed share of revenue. In order to play at Zynga.com gamers log into the site using their Facebook account and use Facebook payment system for purchases. When logged in, Zynga is coordinating among players those who want to play with other unknown players.

There are about 240 million customers at least play a game once a month on Zynga.com. Facebook takes about 30 percent of revenue for using its payment system. Even though Zynga doesn’t disclose how much they charge for other developers to publish their games, it is anticipated at about 30 percent.

Zynga provides a platform for smaller game developers to create and display their talent. Together they will challenge the industry behemoths like Electronic Arts.