When to Walk Away from Your Relationship

Written by New York Socials

While providing matchmaker services in NYC, I’ve helped many couples face the heartbreaking reality that their relationship is over. There are many reasons why couples don’t break up when it’s clearly time to walk away. Some are too comfortable. Even though they know in their heart that the relationship is over, they don’t have the courage or strength to go through the break up process and break old habits.

On the other hand, it is much worse when couples’ relationships deteriorate to the brink of disaster and neither of them realizes it. Many of us prefer to go through life wearing rose-colored glasses. We keep pushing the ugly truth out of our mind until we no longer hear it knocking. Seems crazy, doesn’t it? Yet for more couples than you think, it is an everyday reality. So how do you know when it’s time to walk away from your relationship? While providing NY dating services through New York Socials, I tell couples to watch out for the following signs that your relationship just might be over:

You are always fighting. From important issues like whether or not to have children to minutia like how many eggs to have for breakfast, the smallest disagreements turn into huge rows. Life is too short to spend in meaningless spats.

You are no longer affectionate. To be sure, there is a huge difference between sex and affection. It is the little expressions of love that make up affection: holding hands, hugging, kissing hello and good-bye, etc. When you no longer want to say to your partner ‘I love you,’ or if your ‘I love you’ is mechanical, rather than heartfelt, it is time to let go.

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What Men Need to Know About Dating Younger Women

Written by New York Socials

Many affluent and successful men date younger women. Dating a younger woman is a normal part of life and shouldn’t be looked down upon. But sometimes it can be tricky if you cross certain boundaries. At New York Socials, we embrace and discuss these boundaries, or the dos and don’ts of dating younger women. For example, there are certain things you shouldn’t say around a younger woman that might make her feel uncomfortable. Knowing these boundaries will give you a better chance at having a successful relationship with a younger woman, one that is not focused on your age difference. Here are the top ten things you need to know about dating a younger woman.

1. Don’t treat her any differently than you would any other woman. Age shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, it is only an issue if you make it one.

2. Attire matters. Don’t dress in clothes that are not appropriate for your age. The reason she chose you was because you’re older. When you try to fit in with people in their twenties, you will just look foolish. It is better to be dressed as an elegant 45 year old than a sloppy old man drying to fit into young men’s clothes.

3. Don’t ever say, “When I was your age…” While it is okay to talk about the past, be careful how you bring it up.

4. Don’t lecture her on the bygone era: if she wants to know about the 70s, 80s, etc. she will ask about it.

5. Don’t assume you know better. She is not wrong just because she is younger. She might surprise you with how much she knows about a certain issue or topic.

6. Don’t ever refer to yourself as Daddy. This is just creepy.

7. Don’t be insecure. Clearly she finds you sexy and interesting. Don’t be jealous of all the 30 something guys that walk bye. If she wanted them, she would be dating them.

8. Don’t be judgmental. One of the things younger women appreciate about older men is that the latter tend to be less judgmental toward them: Keep it that way.

9. Don’t treat her like a child. She is your girlfriend, not your daughter. Don’t preach or lecture at her.

10. CONFIDENCE CONFIDENCE CONFIDENCE! That is precisely what younger women find attractive in older men. KEEP IT UP.

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Dating Tips for Men: Taking Advantage of Brief Encounters

Written by New York Socials

We’ve all had it happen to us: a glance, a brush…and then she’s gone – carried off the by C train. What follows is a week-long self-whipping and thrashing. With over eight million people, New York can feel like the loneliest city on the planet when you’re single and looking for love. So why do you still hesitate? Before you set yourself on a long lonely road, examine the reasons why you don’t grab opportunities that are placed in your way.

Learning why you’re not making the most out of every opportunity can help you overcome your obstacles and meet the woman of your dreams. Fortunately, as a dating coach and founder of the elite dating club New York Socials, I have experience in this area. Here are a few common reasons why you might hesitate to talk to a beautiful woman.

You’re Shy

If the idea of talking to strangers terrifies you, start by practicing doing just that: talking to strangers. The easiest way to start is at a bar. Talk to the bartender. A bartender will always answer back. That’s what they do. Learn to banter. For example, “How long have you worked here?, “What skill/education did you need to become a bartender?”, and “Who are your favorite clients?” are all great questions to start with. Once you are comfortable talking to the bartender, turn to the people next to you and rest assured if they did not want to talk, they would be drinking alone in their apartments.

You’re Afraid of Rejection

The only way to overcome a phobia is to become immune to it. So if you’re afraid of rejection, go out and get rejected a lot. Approach as many strangers in various public places and allow yourself to be rejected. Once you are immune to it, rejection will no longer be a deterrent to approaching strangers. Think of it this way: this person is not rejecting you: they don’t even know you. There may be dozens of reasons you got rejected: bad mood, bad hair day, bad day at work; the list goes on and on. Perhaps your approach technique did not work and you got rejected. So treat every rejection as a lesson to refine it. You know there is more to you than just your approach technique.

You Set Yourself Up for Failure

Just like a good salesman is the one who believes in his product, you need to believe in yourself and your ability to attract the opposite sex. If you are staring at a beautiful woman across the subway car thinking of different reasons why she will reject you, she will reject you – because your product is not convincing enough. Instead, tell yourself that you will be thrilled to embark on an adventure with this stranger to see where it takes both of you. Remember: confidence is attractive and enthusiasm is contagious.

We all have these fleeting moments that we think about for years to come and wonder “what if?” So this summer, how about breaking the pattern? Remember – fear is temporary; regret lasts forever. If you need more tips, consider joining our elite matchmaking services at NY Socials.
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Dating Tips for Men: Brushing Up on Manners

This article was written by New York Socials

When was the last time you thought about manners? It was probably when your mother taught you a few things in grade school. Manners are the unspoken rules of social behavior, the way we stay within the lines. Manners seem basic and easy, but of course they are not. They are the guidelines men can use to either entice or scare away potential dates. Use proper manners, and you can open nearly any door you want. But display poor manners and doors will continue to slam in your face.

Unfortunately, many men fail to use manners to their advantage. If it’s been a while since you brushed up on your manners, don’t fret. Here are few rules of the game, provided to you by leading dating coach and founder of New York Socials, Marina Margulis.

Start Off Right

Never underestimate the power of manners, especially when it comes to first impressions. If a woman agrees to a first date, don’t ruin her first impression with poor manners. Examples of poor manners that can ruin a first date include tardiness, poor appearance, and being overly talkative or not focusing your attention on your date. Our high end dating service in NYC offers dating coaching for men who are interested in a list of do’s and don’ts for first dates.

Don’t be a Turn Off

So you aced the first date with great manners, now don’t forget to keep it up. Women are easily turned off by men with bad manners whether it’s the first or tenth date. What’s the problem? Bad manners reveal a man with poor social skills, who is not only sloppy in the treatment of his dates, but of others around him; who is not serious about his relationships or who doesn’t care about the outcome of the evening. A woman wants a man who can hold his own in social settings, not someone she will have to groom and reprimand.

Say Yes to Chivalry

Chivalry is not dead and is greatly appreciated by women. Remember to be considerate and courteous, especially when talking to her. Look into her eyes, ask her questions, and compliment her. Pick her up for a first date, open doors, and walk her to the door or taxi. Small gestures go a long way.

Balance is Everything

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Women love assertive men, but not boars. An assertive man is able to clearly articulate his wants and needs without being pushy or demanding. Think James bond.
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