Why Consistent Mowing Height Is So Important

Using a turf mower on a regular basis, at consistent intervals, and consistent heights can lead to a great looking field, course, or even just your back yard. When a turf management scheme is put in place, a dense growing pattern will emerge giving the turf a better look, and better health over all.

One of the common misconceptions about the height of grass is that if the area of turf is at a lower height, it is more superior to other turfs. However, what makes an area of grass look better than another is the consistency of the height that it is mowed at.

This is why most golf courses will have slower running greens (at least slower than what they could realistically be) for most of the year. They’re letting the grass grow enough so that they can mow it at a consistent height, keeping it dense and healthy. Golf course superintendents will also use a turf sprayer throughout the year to spray fertilizer, fungicide, and other chemicals to ensure the health of the green.

Greens that are mowed too low risk a shallow root system that can lead to high costs and usage of pesticides to stave off disease and weeds. However, golfers want faster greens so it is a constant battle for greens keepers to fight to provide a quality surface while preventing that surface from becoming infected.

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