How Your Dog Can Enhance the Intensity of Your Workouts

Summary: The physical ability of dogs can actually work hand-in-hand with your workouts for a great cardio session.

Stuck trying to figure out how to add some creative flair to your workouts? Why not take your dog out for a long run. Remember, dogs really are man’s best friend, and they can also be a fantastic running partner as well. They’re agile, quick, and have an immense amount of stamina.

How to Amp Up Your Workouts With Your Furry Friend

Now, it might sound like common sense but in order to lose weight and be healthy, running is a much quicker, and efficient way. And, if you’re not much of a power walker, have your dog lead the way. It’s safe to say that while you’re running on your own, you’re likely to have any resistance pulling you forward, in a sense. Your dog, when taken out, will look to burst forward with incredible speed, lugging you forward. They might want to explore new spots find great spots to pee or just want to sprint for no particular reason.

As you might already know, the average recommended physical activity requirements of 150 minutes per week might not be doable when it’s all said and done. But, with the help of your dog, you could easily surpass this by a long stroll around the city blocks or around a park. With so many different breeding establishments out there, why not choose a breed you’ve always wanted as your next fitness buddy. The choices are endless and they all bring a wide array of benefits not only for your physical well-being but in regards to companionship as well.

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What’s Hot Now – Casual Must Haves for Fall 2017

Are you wondering how to look great this fall, whether you’re out with friends, enjoying date night, or simply getting outside to enjoy a day of perfect fall weather? Changing temperatures make fall the perfect season for layers, says Dev Randhawa. Try a chunky knit sweater, a versatile vest, or utility jacket. Layering pieces in colors like ivory, gray, navy or olive will probably work with quite a bit you already have in your closet – and you simply can’t go wrong with red this fall.

Another great casual option is colored denim – you’ve probably been seeing shades of olive, wine-inspired reds, and a whole range of neutrals from light beige/natural to darker shades of camel and tan. You can enjoy all the comfort and versatility of your favorite pair of jeans without feeling stuck in the rut of only wearing blue jeans and sweaters.

Menswear-inspired plaids were all over the runways this spring and seem to be unavoidable this season – a plaid button-up shirt can be a great layering piece, but fun plaids are appearing in all kinds of other places as well. Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma collection featured a giant plaid puffer, preppy plaid miniskirts and dresses, and even plaid sneakers and plaid-lined boots.

The cold-shoulder trend shows no sign of going away soon. You can update your look by layering your tops with vests, or trying them with skinny jeans and ankle booties. In terms of boots and booties, there is something for everyone this year. Heights range from ankle to sky high – the slouchier, the better. There are glittery, space-age versions, and even cowboy boots are back! There’s so much beauty to enjoy this season – don’t hesitate to indulge in something beautiful for yourself.

The pros and cons of buying a new vs. used RV

Summary: There is no clear winner when it comes to buying a new RV either used or new, just different trade-offs.

Are you considering buying a new camper? The argument about buying new versus used has both its ups and downs. Unlike buying a new car, even new campers come with their share of problems. Here is a look at the pros and cons of both approaches:



  • A used RV will be less expensive. The price difference might justify the costs you will need to incur on small repairs and replacements.
  • The issues and kinks have been worked out by the previous owners.
  • If the RV is your home then sending it away to the dealer for repairs for long periods of time can be problematic, so in this case not having a warranty is a good thing.


  • The primary drawback is the lack of warranty, although you can sign up for a post-warranty maintenance However, this only applies to those who don’t maintain the RV themselves.
  • Another issue is that there might be problems that the previous owner did not disclose at the point of sale.
  • There will also be some initial costs for replacements. Items like mattresses, cushions, and upholstery might need replacement based on wear and tear.



  • It’s new, and everything has a fresh duty cycle.
  • You will control the history and upkeep of the RV.


  • A new RV does not necessarily mean that it will not have problems. There are kinks in all RV’s that you will need to work out.
  • The usefulness of the warranty will depend on the dealer and the amount of coverage you get.

Written by The Foam Factory. Outfit your RV with the best foam mattresses and camper cushions.

Items Every Man Should Own

Being a man is more than just watching sports, grilling, and drinking beer. Men are the hunters and gatherers of our society. They are the able-bodied laborers who build things, fix things, and design the blueprints of our cities. According to Dev Ranhawa, as the pioneers of our species, there are certain items that every man should own whether he thinks he’ll need them or not.

  1. A Passport

A passport is an essential item if you plan on traveling. Even if you never leave the country, it can still be used as a valid form of photo identification for most government agencies.

  1. A Multipurpose Tool

Whether you need to cut a rope or tighten a screw, a multipurpose tool is a life-saving essential item that every man should own.

  1. Work Gloves

Even if you’re a leader in the business world who owns a closet full of 3-piece suits, you will undoubtedly engage in some chore or hobby that requires a pair of heavy-duty work gloves. Buy a pair.

  1. Hiking Boots

Sometimes a man just needs to get out into nature and explore. Always keep a pair of hiking boots in your closet just in case you need an impromptu escape into the great outdoors.

  1. A Car Jack

If you own a car, rest assured it’s going to break down on you at some point. You should always have a car jack stashed safely in the trunk of your car along with other tools necessary to service your vehicle should it encounter mechanical issues.

  1. A Lantern

Electricity is a fine thing, but during a storm or a natural disaster, electricity can become a scarce thing. Always keep an oil or battery-powered lantern in your home in case of an emergency.


The Main Benefits of Running

Running is a healthy exercise that does more for your body than you might believe.

benefits-of-runningIf you are an avid runner, then you’re already aware of the physical and mental benefits that running can add to your life. It’s not just an activity or an exercise, it’s a healthy way of life. Now, there are numerous benefits to running, here are some of the most notable ones that will help change your life for the better.

Strengthens the Lungs

One of the most known benefits of running is that it helps strengthen the lungs. This allows you build up more stamina, and also allow you to take on more strenuous activities without losing your breath so often. The reason being is that you’re continuously pressuring your lungs to essentially perform its own workout routine. By doing this routinely, your lungs will gradually strengthen and allow you to pull more oxygen in, therefore increasing your overall stamina.

Prevent Heart Disease

While running, your arteries naturally expand and contract, which helps keep them fit. In turn, this will also help keep your blood pressure within normal limits and help fight off heart disease. Additionally, running regularly will also help guild up your immune system, which will result in fewer minor illnesses.

Weight Loss

For all the individuals that are looking to lose weight, you won’t find a much better workout routine than some good ole fashioned laps. Running helps burn calories, which play a large role in someone losing weight. If you are looking to start a diet, partner it up with a couple miles here and there. You’ll see a noticeable change if you manage to keep up with your routine.

Nick Diruscio is a professional fitness trainer that has spent years helping his clients lose weight and gain muscle mass to meet their personal goals.

What Makes the Pitbull Such a Great Companion

Moose-01The bully pitbull might sound intimidating, but it’s just another name for a larger American pitbull terrier. These dogs can be bred for wider chests, larger heads and paws, and a more pronounced stature. The end result is a dog that just looks intense. In reality, these are some of the most energetic and fun dogs you can possibly own. Read on for the reasons that the pitbull is considered one of the best companions for men.

They Make Excellent Workout Partners

The average XXL pitbull puppies for sale are going to be full of energy that needs to be worked out, or it will work itself out on your furniture and carpets. They’ll want to go with you on runs, playing fetch and generally being out and about. All that exercise leaves them somewhat docile and easier to socialize too. Your bully will be a baby after a day of walking and jogging.

They are Adorable

Almost all XL pitbulls for sale have almost oversized heads and paws when they’re puppies, for an adorable combination. Their coloring is impeccable, whether you choose red or the rarer blue nose breed. As they age, their muscular structure becomes more defined, turning your cute puppy into a proud companion.

His coat is also very easy to groom, which is a plus for anyone with a schedule to keep.

They can Teach You

Every breed of American pit bull terriers has something to teach you as an owner. Pit bulls are stubborn animals, which is something you have to break at an early age. Be commanding and firm, and you’ll raise a loving and loyal companion. Those tendencies can carry into other aspects of your life as well.

Based in Gainesville, Florida, Iron King Kennels is a family-owned kennel specializing in breeding XL pitbulls for sale.

How to Raise a Tame and Friendly Pitbull Puppy

Written by: Iron King Kennels

Pitbulls have gotten a bad wrap over the years, so we want to clarify some of the confusion. It’s true that the American pitbull terrier was bred for the purpose of being used as “bait” for bulls. That’s a good reason why pitbulls are so muscular. What’s untrue is that these dogs were bred to fight, or that they have a sour disposition.


Pitbulls are just like us. They have emotion and they show it. If you discipline them too firmly or ignore their needs, their feelings will get hurt. It’s during these moments when pitbulls are aggressive.

The way you curb this behavior is by committing, from the moment you begin searching for blue pitbull puppies for sale, to a lifelong bond with your animal.

Step One: Neutering

Unless you plan to become a full time breeder, or to assist other breeders, it’s a good idea to have your puppy neutered. You should wait about 6 months to do so. Male dogs have a strong sense to roam in a quest for a mate, so neutering curbs all sorts of unwanted behavior. It also helps eliminate the possibility of testicular cancer developing in males.

Step Two: Releasing Energy

Red nose puppies for sale tend to be very energetic dogs. More so than most breeds, so families who live close to a park will have an easier time trying to help release some of that energy. It will decline naturally over time, but expect to remain attentive throughout most of your dog’s life.

It’s also an important part of establishing dominance and keeping an obedient dog. Tired dogs tend to be a lot more submissive, so it’s better for them in the long run to have the opportunity to play. Especially with pitbulls, who were bred to be strong and powerful.

Take your dog on multiple walks, always being careful to establish which one of you is in charge at all times.

Step Three: Socialize

Not just with your family, with other animals and as much as possible. In order for your pitbull to remain comfortable throughout his or her life, you’ll need to make sure it gets plenty of exposure to the outside world. From an early age, take the dog for rides in a car and make sure you train it to “stay”.

The final tip is that a bored dog causes trouble. If you find your puppy is constantly chewing and clawing your carpets or furniture, he probably needs more time outside.

The Cultures that Created Sports

By Samuel Phineas Upham

The World Series and Monday Night Football games of today mimic a spectacle that can trace itself back to man’s earliest days walking upright and trying to record history. Cave paintings exist depicting wrestling matches that drew crowds, as well as both swimming and archery. These paintings are 17,000 years old, showing the power that feats of strength and skill have to captivate audiences.

Wrestling was also popular throughout the Sumerian civilization. Various bronze statues found in Iraq depict two figures locked shoulder-to-shoulder. Boxing is a sport that can also trace itself back to ancient Sumer. Belt Wrestling, a sport still popular in places like Istanbul and Russia, was also popular and was specifically mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh engages in the sport with Enkidu, a wild man raised by animals, and becomes friends with the man/spirit upon defeating him.

In ancient Egypt, high jumping was extremely popular. They also popularized an early form of billiards known as Snooker, a game that is still played today. The Egyptians were fond of feats of dexterity as well, so javelin tossing was often practiced in a competitive setting.

Ancient Greece is where most people immediately go to when the topic of sports history arrives, and how could they not? Greece gifted us the Olympics, the marathon and the discus throw. They also treated sports as an elitist pursuit, available only to the wealthiest of citizens who had no need of work or physical labor. The ideal human body was a form beloved by Greeks, so much like our fascinations with celebrities and athletes, the Greeks pursued the ideal body and sports was a natural venue to display that prowess.

About the Author: Samuel Phineas Upham is an investor at a family office/ hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media and Telecom group. You may contact Phin on his Samuel Phineas Upham website or LinkedIn.

In Soccer, the Clothes Make the Man

By Soccer Garage

You have heard the expression that the clothes make the man. Generally, this means you should wear the clothes that match the person you want to be, whether that’s a CEO or an auto mechanic. However, the same goes for when you take the pitch too. if you look like a winner, you’ll feel like a winner and then play like a winner.

So, for example, if you have the right soccer shoes on your feet, you’re going to expect more from them, whether this means running down the pitch at lightning speeds or planting hard to launch the ball as hard as you can. But this obvious example is just one of many.

Even players who have the right soccer bags may feel like they’re more deserving of incredible play that day. It sets the stage that they’re as good as the professionals and should thus play that way.

However, you have to do more than just buy the right gear. You have to take care of it too. Clean it regularly and maintain your spikes to ensure you never feel like a second-rate hero when your feet hit grass or the ball, for that matter.


When you want to do your best on the pitch, you better bring the right equipment with you—sadly, natural talent and ability just aren’t enough. Fortunately, Soccer Garage is around to offer you high-quality items like Diadora soccershoes and just about every form of equipment you could ever need.

When to Walk Away from Your Relationship

Written by New York Socials

While providing matchmaker services in NYC, I’ve helped many couples face the heartbreaking reality that their relationship is over. There are many reasons why couples don’t break up when it’s clearly time to walk away. Some are too comfortable. Even though they know in their heart that the relationship is over, they don’t have the courage or strength to go through the break up process and break old habits.

On the other hand, it is much worse when couples’ relationships deteriorate to the brink of disaster and neither of them realizes it. Many of us prefer to go through life wearing rose-colored glasses. We keep pushing the ugly truth out of our mind until we no longer hear it knocking. Seems crazy, doesn’t it? Yet for more couples than you think, it is an everyday reality. So how do you know when it’s time to walk away from your relationship? While providing NY dating services through New York Socials, I tell couples to watch out for the following signs that your relationship just might be over:

You are always fighting. From important issues like whether or not to have children to minutia like how many eggs to have for breakfast, the smallest disagreements turn into huge rows. Life is too short to spend in meaningless spats.

You are no longer affectionate. To be sure, there is a huge difference between sex and affection. It is the little expressions of love that make up affection: holding hands, hugging, kissing hello and good-bye, etc. When you no longer want to say to your partner ‘I love you,’ or if your ‘I love you’ is mechanical, rather than heartfelt, it is time to let go.

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