How Your Dog Can Enhance the Intensity of Your Workouts

Summary: The physical ability of dogs can actually work hand-in-hand with your workouts for a great cardio session.

Stuck trying to figure out how to add some creative flair to your workouts? Why not take your dog out for a long run. Remember, dogs really are man’s best friend, and they can also be a fantastic running partner as well. They’re agile, quick, and have an immense amount of stamina.

How to Amp Up Your Workouts With Your Furry Friend

Now, it might sound like common sense but in order to lose weight and be healthy, running is a much quicker, and efficient way. And, if you’re not much of a power walker, have your dog lead the way. It’s safe to say that while you’re running on your own, you’re likely to have any resistance pulling you forward, in a sense. Your dog, when taken out, will look to burst forward with incredible speed, lugging you forward. They might want to explore new spots find great spots to pee or just want to sprint for no particular reason.

As you might already know, the average recommended physical activity requirements of 150 minutes per week might not be doable when it’s all said and done. But, with the help of your dog, you could easily surpass this by a long stroll around the city blocks or around a park. With so many different breeding establishments out there, why not choose a breed you’ve always wanted as your next fitness buddy. The choices are endless and they all bring a wide array of benefits not only for your physical well-being but in regards to companionship as well.

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