When to Walk Away from Your Relationship

Written by New York Socials

While providing matchmaker services in NYC, I’ve helped many couples face the heartbreaking reality that their relationship is over. There are many reasons why couples don’t break up when it’s clearly time to walk away. Some are too comfortable. Even though they know in their heart that the relationship is over, they don’t have the courage or strength to go through the break up process and break old habits.

On the other hand, it is much worse when couples’ relationships deteriorate to the brink of disaster and neither of them realizes it. Many of us prefer to go through life wearing rose-colored glasses. We keep pushing the ugly truth out of our mind until we no longer hear it knocking. Seems crazy, doesn’t it? Yet for more couples than you think, it is an everyday reality. So how do you know when it’s time to walk away from your relationship? While providing NY dating services through New York Socials, I tell couples to watch out for the following signs that your relationship just might be over:

You are always fighting. From important issues like whether or not to have children to minutia like how many eggs to have for breakfast, the smallest disagreements turn into huge rows. Life is too short to spend in meaningless spats.

You are no longer affectionate. To be sure, there is a huge difference between sex and affection. It is the little expressions of love that make up affection: holding hands, hugging, kissing hello and good-bye, etc. When you no longer want to say to your partner ‘I love you,’ or if your ‘I love you’ is mechanical, rather than heartfelt, it is time to let go.

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