What Makes the Pitbull Such a Great Companion

Moose-01The bully pitbull might sound intimidating, but it’s just another name for a larger American pitbull terrier. These dogs can be bred for wider chests, larger heads and paws, and a more pronounced stature. The end result is a dog that just looks intense. In reality, these are some of the most energetic and fun dogs you can possibly own. Read on for the reasons that the pitbull is considered one of the best companions for men.

They Make Excellent Workout Partners

The average XXL pitbull puppies for sale are going to be full of energy that needs to be worked out, or it will work itself out on your furniture and carpets. They’ll want to go with you on runs, playing fetch and generally being out and about. All that exercise leaves them somewhat docile and easier to socialize too. Your bully will be a baby after a day of walking and jogging.

They are Adorable

Almost all XL pitbulls for sale have almost oversized heads and paws when they’re puppies, for an adorable combination. Their coloring is impeccable, whether you choose red or the rarer blue nose breed. As they age, their muscular structure becomes more defined, turning your cute puppy into a proud companion.

His coat is also very easy to groom, which is a plus for anyone with a schedule to keep.

They can Teach You

Every breed of American pit bull terriers has something to teach you as an owner. Pit bulls are stubborn animals, which is something you have to break at an early age. Be commanding and firm, and you’ll raise a loving and loyal companion. Those tendencies can carry into other aspects of your life as well.

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